Why America Needs Chicago Actors

By Jerri Perry

Americans really adore Chicago actors who know how to entertain an audience. Many of these performers are very savvy and they do not take any grief from anyone. They are always able to maintain their humanity on many issues which exist within this world. Dennis Franz, Barbara Bain, Gillian Anderson, Robin Williams, Fred Savage and Sean Hayes are all great performers from this part of the world.

Sean Hayes is a great entertainer who was born in Illinois some decades ago. He really gained the respect from many fans when he starred in the hit American sitcom "Will And Grace." For years this young man refused to tell people his sexual orientation to anyone within the film and television industry. Everyone around knew that he was gay but Mr. Hayes said nothing.

After some time had passed he finally admitted to a magazine that he did indeed prefer men over women. Before the interview he had played a straight character in a Broadway play and critics really hated his performance. They stated that Sean was not masculine enough to handle the role or the show's leading lady.

Sean faced this hatred for quite sometime and this play was put to an end. The friendly male decided to admit his homosexuality to everyone after this event happened. No one really cared about his sexual preference which was a very good thing. Sean produced shows like "Hot In Cleveland" and "Hollywood Game Night" and he even starred in another television series.

There is one resident of Illinois who is funnier than anyone else that is around. His name is Robin Williams and fans everywhere know him as Mork from the planet Ork. He enjoyed his fame on the hit ABC television series "Mork And Mindy" before moving on to many movies. Robin did stand up comedy before entering into the television and film world.

Dennis Franz is one artist who always has a mean look upon his face. He was born in this windy city and has played various roles during his acting years. Franz became famous after people watched him on "NYPD Blue." He did not mind shedding his clothes during the filming of this series. Franz often appeared nude in many episodes.

Former Illinois resident Jim Belushi wanted to do everything that his late brother John did. John and Jim both starred in "Saturday Night Live" which is aired on NBC in America. Jim also proved to be just as funny as John after some time had passed.

The great Barbara Bain is one of the many Chicago actors who has made an impact on this world. She first gained fame from the series "Mission Impossible." Barbara portrayed Cinnamon Carter who was the only female within this cast of very good looking men. She was also married to Martin Landau who had a major part in this show. After she left this show the producers could never find an actress quite elegant enough to take her place. Barbara and Martin went on to star in the United Kingdom series "Space 1999." This show was very exciting and colorful and it cost a fortune to produce each and every week.

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