Becoming Successful With Solid Color Neckties

By Marcie Goodman

Solid color neckties are loved for their flexibility matching very well with any suit you can think of. Better still, they work well for daily office work, special meetings and other official functions. When it comes to social gatherings like wedding, it is the tie that you will be most comfortable with. In fact, it is the essential garment that should never miss in the man wardrobe. The question however is how to select the best of these ties in terms of your tastes. Here are the tips.

The first feature that attracts any man to these ties is their simplicity. In reality, these ties fit very well with patterned shirts since different patterned on the tie and the shirt could easily conflict. Plain shirts are equally fitting with these ties. The same can be said of the suit you choose, in fact, there is nothing to worry about as the tie will never go wrong with any suit or shirt for that matter.

The material selection is the other issue. Silk which happened to be the most favorite material of choice is known to reflect the light in a natural way that gives it the feeling of elegance. If the shirt is white, you have a chance to select the tie of any other color with no worry as all will work. The only thing to consider here is the occasion you are attending. There must be a little consideration given into matching the colors when the shirt is not white.

When it comes to matching the tie color, you must consider the shirt, whether plain or patterned. The color wheel will help you get the best match. When it comes to a white shirt, any of the color will work well. The suit must also be given much consideration in the process of matching. It is advisable to keep earthier hues together, for instance a brown suit will match well with an emerald tie.

Other than coordination and ensuring complementary of your outfit, you must also consider the impression you intend to create. As already said, every occasion calls for a specific look. The success in creating the impression you intend can only be possible with proper understanding of the occasion background.

When matching colors, the other tip other than the wheel is to consider keeping earthier hues together. A good example is when you select an emerald green tie for a brown suit. The cool colors such as blue, black and red could also go together. Since the suit is neutral, the pin pointer becomes the suit.

The other tip is to be very precise and particular with the quality. In fact, you should go for hand stitching snag free silk that have quality lining. This will accord you the chance to wear your necktie with all the pride and confidence contributing to the elegance look.

Your wardrobe cannot be complete without solid color neckties. These are neckties that do not go wrong in both official occasions and social gathering. The quality also matters and as such, it is best to select the one that is hand stitched with quality lining.

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