Analysis Of The Monuments Men Movie

By Krystal Branch

The monuments men movie is a classic film that is based on one of the best treasure hunts stories in the history. The movie was shot and filmed by the finest of casts in the industry. This has created a name for itself and it was a blockbuster. With the phenomenal collection of characters, the ticket sales across the major cities in the world were really exceptional. The film had a number of stories based on the battles that were fought for a number of years.

There are a number of interconnected stories that revolve around the operation to recover the stolen pieces of art. The hunt is focused on recovering the pieces from the hands of the enemy who had stolen them. The events take place during the First World War. The owners initiate various operations of regaining the possession of the jewels and the events stretches into later periods.

The theft of pieces had taken place as the world war begun. A special team made up of very strong young men had to be assembled by the owners so as to fast track the operations. The young men had to be strong so that they could easily overcome the enemy. These pieces of jewels were a part of traditions that had been passed on from one generation to another. They meant a lot to the owners.

The shooting of the film was done by a number of production companies. After the shooting of the relevant pieces of videos in the jungles, the Columbia Pictures took over the role of editing and production. The cast used in the shooting and acting is made of very phenomenal actors. This means that the success rate was increased by the use of these actors. The sales also increased as a result of this too.

The story is based on the operations that had been initiated by the owners to recover the lost pieces of jewels. There are two sides of this treasure hunt story. The special team that had been assembled by the owners of the pieces of art had some mules in it. The mules were used by the enemy to leak various types of information about the recovery operation.

The enemy infiltrated the operation through the mules in the team. They were used for leaking the special information. The loyal soldiers realized that there were a number of traitors amongst themselves. Strategies had to be changed to trap the traitors.

The traitors together with the enemy were captured and the jewels were recovered in the process. The story carries a number of moral lessons. One of the main issues under consideration is loyalty. The complicated plot helps the audience understand how the subject matter is focused on.

The monuments men movie is made interesting by the addition of special tools. In the process, the plot becomes very unpredictable. As the use of very complicated settings and devices is furthered, the story becomes very complicated. This means that it can only be meant for very mature audience.

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