What To Do When You Find Western Boots For Sale

By Jayne Rutledge

Maybe you've been on a trip to cattle country and couldn't resist buying a pair of the Western boots for sale at the local stores. Now you're back in the city and you're not sure whether your purchase was such a great idea. Before you have buyer's remorse, however, think of the many ways in which you can put your new footwear to use.

Many people know the Western boot as the cowboy boot. Originally these boots were made for riding horses, since cowboys and cowgirls would spend most of their time in the saddle. The boot is narrow in the front so that it easily goes into a stirrup and it has a relatively high heel to keep it in position. There is a good reason for the absence of bootlaces too, since it should be easy to just slip off the boot if the rider falls from the horse and gets a foot stuck in the stirrups.

Ranch activities such as calf roping requires that the cowboy or cowgirl can walk and run too, which makes the Cuban heel unsuitable. Therefore the roper boot, a variation of the classic cowboy boot, has been designed. It has a low heel and is shorter. It can even have laces for extra comfort.

The traditional material used for making cowboy footwear has been cowhide. Right from the start boot makers would add decorative details like top stitching, inserts in different colors or cut-out patterns. Dye can be used to give the boot another color. Some people even use different types of leather, from snakeskin to alligator and even exotic ostrich, to get variations in texture.

Hopefully when you bought your Western souvenir, you chose a pair that had a snug fit. At first it may be frustrating to put them on or to remove them but that's what boot hooks and jacks are for. With wear the leather will stretch to fit your feet perfectly, which is why you shouldn't buy a size that is too big when you try on the boot.

Cowboys are synonymous with horses and their footwear is synonymous with jeans. Jeans designers long ago created a style with a slight flare, known as the bootleg, so that the leg could accommodate the boot underneath. In ranch country the uniform is completed by a plaid shirt or a T-shirt and a Stetson, with an embroidered shirt and bolo tie for those dress-up days.

In the city the ranch uniform will look out of place unless you're a country and western musician. Instead, leave out the Stetson, if nothing else. Women can look stylish if they pair their boots with denim shorts, skinny jeans, leggings or a simple summer dress.

If you love the look but don't want to travel to Wyoming or Texas to get the footwear you'll need, simply look online. You can also find Western boots for sale in some boutiques, especially ones with a slightly more bohemian clientele. It's best to try on different sizes in person until you find the perfect fit. Even more perfect would be to have a specialist make you a custom pair.

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