Where To Find Barcelona Paintings And Further Sightseeing Attractions

By Jayne Rutledge

The historical city of Barcelona is visited by millions of people. Some tourists come for longer stays, while others just quickly view the city in a few days, but no matter the amount of time they spend, they thoroughly enjoy what this Spanish city has to offer. The Barcelona paintings are always intriguing, and can be found at several art galleries. A good selection can be viewed at the Francisco Godia Foundation, Galeria Brok and the Galeria D'Art Manuel Barbie.

All of the Spanish art galleries just mentioned are filled with interesting works of art, sculptures and pottery. Antique furniture can even be bought at the Galeria Brok, located at Pau Claris 167. Most of the art galleries are open to the public from about nine in the morning to eight in the evening during the week and on Saturdays, but their times do vary and therefore it may be best to get a guidebook with the details.

The city is quite easy to get around, as public transport is provided. For tourists, there are special buses, or visitors can decide to take one of the walking tours. They are guided by an expert on the historical attractions who will talk in English. These tours must be booked in advance from one of the tourist centers, such as the main one in the Placa Catalunya. The walks generally begin at 10:00.

If you are not sure which attractions to go to, getting some tickets for the tourist buses are a great idea. They go past all the major attractions in the city, and are 'hop-on and hop-off' buses. This means that when your bus stops at a particular attraction, you can get off and stay for as long as you like. When you are ready to leave, you simply hop on to the next bus that comes past. The buses will run from a certain time in the morning until a certain time in the evening.

Parc Guell is considered as one of the main attractions, and is a UNESCO world heritage site. Here the Hundred Columns Room is often visited, where the works of Gaudi are truly fascinating. The La Sagrada Familia and the Casa Vincens are other structures related to Gaudi.

The whole family will enjoy a day at the L'Aquarium or the zoo of the city. The aquarium is a particularly interesting place with its transparent building. Marine life of all varieties live here, including sharks, and the sea life center has a play area for children. The zoo has more than seven thousand animals, but often the favorite is Snowflake, an albino gorilla.

When the weather is warm Barcelona's beautiful beach is the place to be. There are actually a couple available, including Bogatell and Nova Mar Bella. All of them have facilities. Under two very high buildings, you will find the Olympic Port, known for its ample places of entertainment.

Interesting as well is the Ramblas de Canaletes, a walkway in Les Rambles. From kiosks along the walkway you can buy newspapers from around the world. The Museo Picasso is also hugely popular, filled with the most wonderful Barcelona paintings and ceramics done by Picasso.

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