Want To Create An Anime Review Show?

By Jerri Perry

With so many ways to step into the public eye, many people in this day and age have notions of becoming famous. Some people (usually those who are particularly determined, have connections in the business, or simply have good luck) do this by becoming reality television stars. They often parlay that opportunity into further opportunities, dragging their fifteen minutes of fame out for much longer. For some people, however, breaking into the public eye is not as easy. One way to do it is via the internet, for instance a fashion blog or an anime review show on YouTube.

Before reality television, and before everyone had access to webcams and the ability to broadcast things on the internet, cable access television was often one's first attempt at fame. Local cable networks would provide airtime at a low or nonexistent cost to the public.

The popular 1990s Saturday Night Live sketch Wayne's World was a satire of this phenomenon, featuring two high school students with dreams of becoming famous through their cable access show. The movie of the same title, which grew out of the sketch, followed Wayne and Garth as their show was picked up by a national network.

Although cable access still exists, many people these days turn to the internet, and particularly YouTube, with similar hopes to those of Wayne and Garth. Perhaps they simply want fame, or perhaps they have a message or a talent they want to share with the public. Either way, YouTube provides a platform for addressing as many people as you can get to click on your video.

The phenomenon of the viral video has made this platform all the more enticing. We have repeatedly seen people thrust into the public eye when their YouTube clips have been widely circulated on the internet (also known as "going viral."). This can happen on purpose, such as with Rebecca Black's "Friday" video, or accidentally, such as with Antoine Dodson and the "Bed Intruder" song.

Blogs are another platform through which the internet has skyrocketed people to fame, seemingly overnight. An example of this is Nate Silver's political blog, which predicted election results using a formula he had developed for predicting baseball statistics. Silver not only became famous overnight, he also became a millionaire.

One of the reasons the internet has become more popular than cable access is that it provides the user with a wider audience. While cable access is a local thing, the internet broadcasts things all over the world. It is generally unlikely that cable access would connect an aspiring performer or journalist with the type of audience that could catapult them to fame. However, this happens all the time on the internet.

The World Wide Web has created a space where all kinds of people can share their ideas and display their talents. Whether your dream is to have an anime review show, to write about fashion, or to perform a comedy sketch, you can do it online. Sharing it with the world is as simple as using a webcam and clicking a few links.

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