Tyvek Suits Protect The Wearer Sometimes From Themselves

By Krystal Branch

One of the items or garments that has saved more workers from dangerous elements in the work place is the disposable protective suits. These are generically called Tyvek Suits, however these items, manufactured by Dupont, are the only true standard to which every other garment is compared. The number of industries who use this single layer of high density polyethylene fabric to protect their employees is a very long list.

In some industries, such as food plants, the suits will protect the product from the wearer and any contamination they carry on their clothes. This is also the case in pharmaceutical and electronic clean rooms. The nature of these garments is to prevent passage of contaminants from one side of the fabric to the other. This is a flexible material in this sense and can be used to denote personnel working in various areas or practicing different disciplines.

Many of these suits come in various colors. They have different appearances as some of them will have hoods and booties attached. Most of them will have elastic wrist bands and others will be belted or buttoned. If the hood is not attached, the neck line will be collared. When hoods and booties are attached, this is the best protective suit that can be had, especially if you wear goggles as the last touch.

The proper size is important as the movement of the employees body must not be limited. Most of these suits have a seamless front panel with full zipper. Some have flaps over the zippers and all of them have stretchy panels for the back. Many of the more expensive suits will have an additional belt in the back to tighten the garment and prevent loose material from flapping.

Chemical plants will use these items to protect the workers from any spills they will inevitably have. The nature of the fabric will stop the passage of this, possibly, dangerous chemical from getting on the employee. These will protect them as long as they are not dipped into a tank of the offending substance. They are also strong enough to be able to crawl around in some of the dirtiest areas in order to clean them or service other systems.

Most of the cleaning specialties use these garments as well. This is a natural as crime scene clean up can be a contamination source that is hard to clean out of street clothes, easily. Foreclosure cleaning is also something no professional wants to delve into without this protective material being around them. Window cleaners will often use these as they protect from water and also allow an extra layer of warmth.

Using a suit of this nature can help productive workers get more done. They can get a little closer, carefully, to dangerous elements without the fear of being contaminated. Cleaning operations will be enhanced when the protection is assured and all of the rules are followed.

Having a case of Tyvek Suits always on hand is a safe, inexpensive way of protecting all who work for you. They do not cost as much as you may think and many of them are washable. Most find it necessary to simply hang them to dry and reuse them the next day.

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