How To Throw A Successful Family Reunion

By Richardo Manning

Planning any party should be based on a plan and consider how many people, food, theme, and activities. These basic considerations can sometimes get overlooked. Preparing ahead of time can make all the difference between a great party and a weak one. Making a schedule and planning out the details should be the first step towards planning your party. Here are some quick tips that will help you get started:

Block parties bring the people of the neighborhood together, which is a good idea for many reasons. First, you get to know other people and make new friends. You may have a lot in common with them, but you will never know until you make the initiative under appropriate circumstances.

* Food: Plan on how much food or dessert you will need. Find out what you would then like to provide and plan accordingly. A birthday party may include: cake, ice cream, utensils, drinks, etc... By preparing food ahead of time and shopping you can save money and have a great party.

There are two crucial staples that anyone must have at their block party. The first is food and drinks. No one is going to come if there isn't any. A lot of people in the neighborhood would be willing to pitch in as long as everyone is doing it and therefore they do not have to bring much. It is much more comfortable for people to talk, converse, and get to know one another if they have a commonality, such as the food they are eating, or the nice weather they are having.

What to do

There are many games you can play to get the family together, but it really should require some good team work. Many family members don't get to see those who are at the reunion very often and having a fun game that lets them play with these individuals will make the family reunion special. The kids may just want to get a bounce house in Utah so they can bounce till they pass out.

On the other hand the party can be quite simple by including some games, using a free venue like a public park and just have cake and ice cream. Or you can serve a light lunch or appetizers and make it a short party. Or the party could have a theme and all of the guests dress up or participate in games or activities centered on the idea. Depending on what you decide to do is also based on how many people you invite and who confirms that they are coming. Make sure you send out invitations so you get the estimated attendance so you can plan ahead.

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