Sci Fi Novels Challenge And Entertain

By Leticia Jensen

In sci fi novels ideas that challenge our imaginations are presented in an exciting and entertaining manner. These ideas are based around a wide variety of topics such as space travel, parallel universes, extraterrestrial life, future technology and medical developments. The power of this genre is that it has the ability to lift us right out of our present world. We are entertained by the different visions we are presented with and are even able to think about some of the issues of our own world more clearly as a result.

Genetic engineering is just one of the ideas being written about today. Many themes revolve around human beings whose physical and mental capabilities have been enhanced in some way. One of the issues addressed is whether these abilities are used for good or evil and how this affects those around them.

Speculation about the future is common and we are presented with many different scenarios. Some of these new worlds expose us to the problems in our world such as pollution and in these worlds, solutions have been found. In others apocalyptic visions of the future are presented. We may be made aware of issues like class and gender by being shown extreme examples.

Technological advances are the subject of many such books. They play on our fears that technology will take over our lives. Isaac Asimov wrote about robots in a way that made us really begin to think about the implications of artificial intelligence from every angle, including ethically and legally.

Today there are many books written that defy being labelled. They cannot be called pure science fiction because scientific theories are not used in believable ways. However, they do not fall totally into the genre of fantasy either. Fantasy is a genre that has become increasingly popular and often includes elements of other genres, particularly science fiction.

Some of these books reveal other worlds in such intricate detail that they fill your head completely and take you away for a time from your daily struggles. In the past Jules Verne and H. G. Wells both succeeded in doing this. However, the science fiction of yesterday often becomes the reality of today and writers are always on the look out for new ideas.

The books being written today involve many subjects other than outer space and robots. As technology advances and medical breakthroughs are being made, these books open up our minds to many new interesting future possibilities. Of course there will always be those who still love reading about outer space, aliens and robots and there is a place for this.

A huge variety of science fiction books are available today, many from internet stores. E-book versions are also available. If buying from an internet store, reading reviews written by fans can whet your appetite and help you decide what to buy. If you are already an avid fan constantly looking for new books, new ones are being published constantly and are usually categorized together on a site so they can easily be found. Even if you have never considered reading this genre before, it is worth browsing through the descriptions of the books on offer and see if one appeals to you.

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