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By Luisa Sharpe

Over the years, tattoos have been misunderstood. This is to the extent that they have been banned in certain workplaces and work environments. Further, they remain unacceptable socially in most parts of the world. There are numerous designs that one could choose from and people have differing reasons for getting tattooed. There are many professionals that offer tattooing services, which calls for people to make the right decisions when it comes to making choices. When considering going for tattoos Toronto offers many options.

People have a number of reasons for tattooing. Those that get a tattoo for self identification always look to mark significant aspects in their lives. This is able to be done through the use of simple and symbolic zodiac symbols. One may also use designs that are based on either their favorite movies or movie characters. Loved ones are also honored using various designs. Black and grey are the colors mostly used for this purpose. The handwriting or image of the deceased person may be used.

Tattoos are used for making fashion statements. This is whereby individuals seek to express their unique and individual style. This is also a common reason why most people get tattooed. For some people, they are used for financial rewards. They hire their bodies to market particular brands or products. Hiding of scars is also achieved through the use of tattooing, for instance after breast mastectomy in women.

There are many parts of the body where they can be placed. One such place is the neck. This however is best suited for people that have long and slender necks. The neck is preferred because of the visibility and originality that it comes with. Such people will stand out in the crowd.

There however is a shortfall of neck tattoo designs. They are not easily concealed and they come with slightly more pain compared to those in other areas. The armband tattoo has been in use for a long time and is mostly preferred because of the fact that it is versatile in terms of discreetness and personality. Armband tattoos will represent bracelets, arm bands and various other hand ornaments.

Ear tattoos are the preference of most teenagers as it gives them a unique and exquisite look. They are usually small but with many details. They are placed on the ear lobes, behind the ears and even inside the ear. The other areas where they are placed are the shoulders, fingers, hands, legs, ribcage and ankles.

Going for a tattoo has its risks and complications. There is the possibility of skin infections that leads to swelling, pain or redness. Further, one risks allergic reactions owing to the dyes used. Allergic reactions only affect some people that are allergic to the dyes. They can be experienced even after several years.

Contamination of equipment used in tattooing will lead to diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. Equipment used should be sterilized before being used on other people. This also underlines the need to go for experienced and certified professionals.

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