How To Find An Anime Reviewer

By Jaclyn Hurley

People have different ideas on what anime is. There is a diverse range of stories within this genre and it can be overwhelming for people who are new to it. Therefore it helps to check online to compare the various types of anime reviewer to see what kind of titles that they would personally recommend.

Before looking for a reviewer it helps to know what the genre is. Indeed calling it a genre is problematic. On a basic level the term simply refers to a film or television series made in Japan that is animated. There are other countries that make films and television series that use conventions based on the Japanese animated style but strictly speaking anything produced outside of Japan does not tend to be considered part of this particular style.

The reason that Japanese animation is not a genre as such is because there are a wide array of stories that encompass numerous different types of genre. For example the animator Hayao Miyasaki alone has produced films that include an epic story of aviation starring a talking pig, films based on classic stories such as The Borrowers and whimsical stories based in surreal worlds that recall Alice In Wonderland.

The fact is that the genre features a wide range of stories. In effect the term simply refers to stories that happened to be presented as animation. While in the West people still tend to mostly associate animation with stories for children in Japan the visual medium in manga and anime are accepted as another way of telling stories, so there are numerous stories to suit a wide range of audiences.

There is also the misconception that anime is more adult than Disney or other styles of animated movie. This does not necessarily have to be the case. While some may argue there are dark elements in films such as Spirited Away it can be easy to forget that films such as Pinocchio and The Lion King were not afraid to explore difficult emotions and some disturbing images.

A simple way is to look up a title online. You can then get a number of reviews. The advantage of this is that you can get a lot of different opinions at a glance. Remember to read between the lines. What one person describes as epic another person will describe as overlong. Usually if you read enough reviews you will find someone with a similar perspective who will recommend titles that you are likely to enjoy watching and help you avoid the ones you probably will not enjoy.

However for people this can be overwhelming. Furthermore you may not have time to read through lots of reviews. A better approach can be to look for videos made by fans of Japanese animation. Some will be serious and focus on reviewing the titles while others will be more light hearted and poke fun at the genre.

You can find out more about different anime review shows by checking online. A quick search using your search engine ought to bring up a number of different results. It is also worth checking for feedback from other anime fans to see what shows and sites they would recommend to help you find the titles you will want to watch!

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