When God Is Pronounced Jeezes

By Luisa Sharpe

The notion of divinity keeps changing as new inventions through science disapprove traditional notions. This has ignited a debate in religious circles and heralded the emergence of a grouping where God is pronounced Jeezes. The answers provided by religion no longer satisfy the curiosity of humanity. Traditional theology has ceased to be the center of human thinking. These ideas are gaining momentum and being embraced by followers in different parts of the world.

A lot of activity has been seen through blogs, videos, public platforms and books evaluating tradition theological perspectives. Death is a common point of focus especially the pain that follows the demise of a young person. The puzzle surrounds the suffering that is occasioned by such death. This stains the image of a Supreme Being who is all good.

Death of a young parent opens a new painful chapter for those who remain. The spouse is left in loneliness while the children are denied the joy of living with both parents. Such an incidence sees the death of many dreams that were anchored on the young life. The scenario is hard to explain especially for traditional theologians. It is against the traditional understanding that God cares about everyone.

The long life enjoyed by evil people compared to the suffering and poverty experienced by good people becomes a contradiction. Continued living by the evil people becomes a bigger burden to the oppressed. Such scenarios cause the good people to loose faith in natural justice and even doubt the fact that divinity is good. This is a debate that continues to draw varied reactions in different quotas.

The pastor at the center of this debate is Jeeves who cites the trouble of Job as documented in the book by the same title. The Old Testament gives a story of a person who lost all his possessions including children. In his words, Jeeves says that God was preparing Job for greater glory through suffering and therefore humanity should not loose faith in Him on such account.

There is contention on the notion that God is perfect. The existence of catastrophic occurrences like floods, diseases and earthquakes indicates his imperfect nature. Such occurrences have lead to immense suffering on the part of humanity. There is no reason why innocent human beings should suffer in this sense. Such catastrophes lead to immense suffering for many families and communities. It would be considered as an ungodly act.

Creation and evolution theories continue to make headlines even in these debates. Scientific discoveries are proving some of these notions wrong. Life seems to be more complex than what is recorded in religious stories. The younger generation is becoming more restless since they have more access to information. They are able to combine facts from different quotas in order to draw their own conclusions.

Shifting theological centers are opening new chapters in the understanding of God. Traditional knowledge is gradually being dismantled as people recreate new notions of their supreme being. The entry of scholars from both sides of the divide serves to make it more sensitive.

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