Writing Styles In The Latest Crime Novels

By Leticia Jensen

Over time there have been many different trends in mystery writings. The latest crime novels follow one or more of these trends. Mystery novelists have evolved since the first book was written centuries ago. The cozy read by the fire is no longer the popular seller that it once was. The audience wants and deserves more than a cozy read can be expected to deliver.

The readers of today have much more sophistication than they did even twenty years ago. The movies and television shows available have increased the knowledge available to them and the result is that the writer must provide a far more detailed dialogue for their followers. They want to know what is being done to solve it and how it is being done without feeling like they are reading a text book.

Readers today expect to be able to relate to the hero on a very personal level. If he is a tough character they want to know that his behavior is justified and if he is clever they want to be able to follow his thinking to the ultimate last page. They want to feel like they are a part of his inner circle and perhaps could do what he does.

This allows the writer to develop a better image of the personalities involved in the story lines they are following. Because they are better evolved the characters have their own relationships and troubles to deal with and become more alive to the reading audience. The end result is that the reader can come away from the last page feeling fulfilled by the ending.

Many of the thrillers on the market today take place in international settings and involve presidents or government incidents. They may involve mass murders or preventing those mass murders. There may be a multitude of individuals who make up the body of the book and must be developed as completely as the hero or heroes have been.

A method that has become very popular with readers as well as authors is one that involves a series of books about the same main characters. This style allows the readers to get to know the characters on a very personal level. The last chapters sometimes set up the theme of the next book in the series. This is usually true of trilogies or sets but other authors have made a career of one specific character and their families and friends. Readers will anxiously await the next issue.

In order to remain a popular author for life the author must stay abreast of the needs of his audience. They must keep their readers on the edge of their seats, unwilling to put the book away until they finish it. This means they must use whatever resources available to them to accomplish this goal. Whether it is the news, TV or a vivid imagination they must seek out inspiration daily.

The biggest change in crime novels is the involvement of readers in lives of people depicted in books. The story lines are as different as they have always been with the twist of being more technical than previous eras have shown themselves to be. Today's authors are far more cutting edge than their predecessors could have ever hoped to be.

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