A List Of Famous Water Color Artists

By Leticia Jensen

Watercolor painting has been one of the most popular forms of art ever since the ancient times as it was a way for artistic people to be able to express themselves. Of course throughout the years, there were many influential water color artists who contributed to the evolution of this art form. For those who are interested in art trivia, here is a list of some really influential ones who were able to help with the development of this particular form of art.

Albert Durer, who was a well known painter that came from Europe, was known to be one of the first people who popularized this form of art. He was actually a pioneer of this art form who lived in a time called the Renaissance period of art. People knew him because his works had a certain style that was unique to only his works.

J. M. W. Turner was an artist that was around sometime during the later part of the Renaissance period who also influenced the popularity of his art form. He heavily concentrated on works about the scenery and landscape of Europe. The best thing about his paintings were that they were extremely simple and had very light brush strokes but they were nevertheless very beautiful.

Any person would have probably heard about the extremely famous painting which is known as Whistlers Mother. James McNeill Whistler was a painter from England who was known to make paintings of his family and some of his personal belongings. He became very known in the art world because he made use of very wild brush strokes and a very unique combination of colors.

The nineteenth century saw the emergence of another very famous artist who was named Winslow Homer and was extremely known for his beautiful works on the scenery of his hometown. Now he was very different from the others because he actually taught himself how to paint and he even made his own brand of techniques. His influence was so strong that many modern painters also followed some of his methods and techniques.

Abstract painters would definitely know of the name of Paul Kee. Paul Kee was definitely known for his works on cubes wherein he painted squares in a very different way. Because of his works on cubism, many modern abstract artists also followed in his footsteps.

An American artist who was named Edward Hopper was an American one who painted about many scenarios that happened in a regular day in America. His paintings were extremely loved by viewers because he painted light and shadows in a way that no other artist did. He spent a lifetime studying where the light comes from which is why he is able to paint like this.

So if one is into watercolor painting, then he would be interested to know that these water color artists were the ones who helped develop this art form. If they were not around to create beautiful works, this art form probably would not have reached its peak. Thanks to them, many painters and appreciators may gaze upon beautiful works.

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