The Difference Types Of San Antonio Magicians

By Kendra Hood

When you think of San Antonio Texas most people do not think of magicians. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that San Antonio magicians are some of the top magicians in the world. There are magic shows put on all the time. If you are visiting San Antonio on vacation you can't miss out on a magic show. The kids as well as adults will get a thrill out of watching these professionals perform.

You would be surprised at the many different styles of magic. Street performers are a favorite among tourist. Street performers go out into the crowds and perform their magic for all the tourist to enjoy. They do it for the love of the craft not for the money. So if your watching a street performer be sure you tip him or her if you enjoyed the show.

You also have the more advanced magic performers that put on shows in theaters. These performers charge at the door for you to come in and see their show. It may cost more to see one of these performers but it is well worth it. A lot of these magicians will even bring up someone out of the audience to help assist them.

The audience feels like they are part of the show when they are brought on stage to participate. There are many different magic shows for you to choose from. There are the one man act or the acts that have several people doing magic. Some magicians prefer to work with other people while some prefer to work alone.

A lot of magic performers like to use a beautiful assistant. You may not know this and I probably shouldn't be telling you this but the beautiful assistant is to distract you from what the magician is doing. If you are looking at the assistant then you are not paying attention to what the magician is doing.

Magicians take their work seriously and they can become quite angry if another person stills their show or their magic tricks or illusions. There are many categories of magic which include close up magic. If you prefer a show that has lots of lights and music and even animals then you want to go see an illusionist.

when doing close up magic you want to do it in a small crowd with small objects like cards and balls. This type of magic is done in an intimate group. While parlor magic is done in larger crowd like at a small party or even in a living room. The illusionist work on stage with props lights even animals. They also use volunteers a lot. A mentalist works with mental feats like memory, rapid calculations and precognition.

San Antonio has all of these types of performers and if you enjoy magic then you should buy a ticket to one of these amazing shows because they sale out quickly. Everyone loves magic, and what better way to spend a night out than going to a magic show. Be sure to bring the kids because children love magic tricks. Take the whole family to a show and everyone will be happy.

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