Tips On Hiring The Right Wedding Djs

By Gwen Lowe

When you like to have an unforgettable reception, finding the right deejay should be able to nail it. Aside from the ceremony, which is formal, people would want to dance on the floor wildly. When you got the right mix of smoke, psychedelic lighting, and groovy music it should be the best life event you will have ever.

You can experience several advantages when inviting wedding djs brighton mi for your reception. First, you will have more freedom from technical issues. Second, there will be professional sound and lighting service. Lastly, it can surprise your guests and will make the reception one of a kind.

Yet before signing the written agreement, assess your dj with several things below. In addition, it would good to see them personally. Your first question should be about their passion towards the craft. Many of them could be mastering a certain genre of music. You should know if this fits your wedding event as a whole. It would be best to hire someone who likes to play dance music or someone who can play music you love to hear.

Then it would imperative to know if they have 10 wedding experiences. Knowing they have credible experience would give you peace of mind thinking they know well about their job. Moreover, they will be quick to respond to any technical issues that may come along the way. Although, the longer the experience the expensive they can be, still, some would accept gigs regardless of money to experience basis.

Then, you may also inquire if he or she has assisting personnel to help them. If there are, this should be explained well in the contract and agreed upon both parties. A deejay, sometimes, may need extra help on setting up lighting and audio equipment. This could be extra cost as well for you. That is why it is better to clear with them about the contract before signing it.

Regarding the cost, the contract should mention this clearly. Ensure that all service costs will be included and nothing is hidden. Some planners may face issues like a dj leaving on time despite guests requesting for more. To avoid this, discuss overtime possibilities and how it should be paid. Although, there are some who will extend because they love what they are doing.

Fourth, ask them of any back up ideas in case the set up fails. There happened before that a deejay was not able to fix the problem, he packed up, and left the wedding reception into a disaster. Tech issues could also bring down the event momentum if not fixed right away.

Also, ensure that your deejay wears the appropriate attire. They might wear too creative clothing unacceptable for conservatives in the event. In addition, the tone of the deejay must be appropriate for the event. You might also like to know how they will introduce you over to the adoring crowd.

Lastly, your deejay must be humorous and can make your guests laugh. It is an extra bonus for your event if they can make things lighter. Plus, they must also have the charisma to encourage the crowd to dance.

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  1. If you get the opportunity, visit an event or reception that your DJ is working. This will give you a good read on his etiquette and manners while he’s at work. DJ etiquette is a non-issue 99% of the time,

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  2. Good to know your tips on hiring wedding DJs. Will definitely use them while hiring DJ services in my brother’s wedding at one of best DC wedding venues. Want to have professional DJ services for the day. Going to hire wedding planning services too.