Set Off On The Road To Fame With Acting Classes In Los Angeles

By Luisa Sharpe

Very few actors become famous overnight. For most, their career started with hard work, going from audition to audition, waiting tables to pay the rent in between low-paying acting jobs and never giving up on their dream. If you want to become a movie or stage star, however, one of the first steps is to learn the thespian craft and there is no better way to do it than with acting classes in Los Angeles.

Being a good actor requires more than just talent or a pretty face. Just like a talented pianist has to take lessons to learn different techniques and then practice every day before he or she can become a concert pianist, you need to hone your skills as an actor. Good actors have learned and perfected the different techniques suited to the different genres of acting.

There are, for instance, different techniques for performing on stage and performing for the camera. When you're on stage, you need to use almost exaggerated movements because the audience is far away from you and cannot detect subtle movements. On film, your audience is the camera, which can be very close to your face. It will pick up the slightest change in facial expression and using this to convey what your character is feeling or thinking will work to your advantage.

Other important aspects of your training are stage fighting and physical movement. You also need to learn how to use your voice properly. This not only means that you'll learn how to project so that the audience can hear you when you're on stage. It also means that you'll learn how to speak clearly rather than mumbling like Marlon Brando.

Actors who have received only limited training also tend to be very limited in the type of roles they can play. Attending drama school will help you broaden your scope and teach you how to act in a variety of genres. This will allow you to choose from more projects and you won't be easily typecast. Meryl Streep, for instance, has excelled as tragic heroine but also in comedies, musicals and even in an action film.

A good drama school will also help you to prepare for life as an actor. You'll find out how to ace auditions, how to apply stage make-up, how to take care of your voice, and so on. You'll also learn about other aspects of the industry, such as lighting, sound and camera techniques as well as publicity.

A great thing about acting classes is that they're very practice oriented. As part of your training you'll get to perform in actual productions, from stage shows to student films. This allows you to build on your resume. In addition, casting agents sometimes attend these school performances and if you impress them, your big break may come sooner than you could have imagined.

Of course your chances of being spotted by a casting agent are bigger if you attend drama school right there where the action is. Los Angeles is the perfect place to learn acting because this is where the television and film industries are based. Most of the institutions where you'll be able to take acting classes in the city are located in or near Hollywood.

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