A Guide To Choosing Maine Retirement Communities

By Charmaine Foreman

Seniors now have many options when choosing a retirement community. For some seniors, the type of community to choose is a matter of choice, while for others, it is based on need. The different types of communities to choose from include nursing care, Alzheimer care, continuing care, assisted living, independent living and active adult facilities.

There are many benefits of living in a retirement community. One of them is the safety associated with living in such facilities. Most Maine retirement communities have security personnel. They also install monitoring devices like closed circuit television cameras in public places to ensure that residents are not victimized by unscrupulous individuals.

Companionship is the other advantage of living in senior apartments. You will meet other seniors whose preferences are similar to yours. You will also get to socialize with people who share your interests. Senior housing facilities also offer a wide range of amenities which you may not enjoy if you choose to live in your own home. You will also have an opportunity to take part in events and activities that encourage you to socialize.

When living in a retirement home, you will not have to drive long distances to get necessary items. In most homes, there are stores that meet the needs of residents. Pharmacies and grocery shops located close to such facilities also provide residents with delivery services. As you choose a senior housing facility, it is important to consider a few things.

The first thing to think about is the location of the facility. It is wise to choose a facility that is not too far from the area where your children live so that it will be easy for them to visit you at any time. Another factor to consider is your current health status. If you have a medical condition that needs regular medical care, you should choose a facility that is located in an area that is readily accessible to medical specialists.

Seniors who anticipate that their health or that of their spouse may deteriorate in the future can consider moving to continuing care retirement homes. These facilities provide various types of senior care from nursing home care to independent living in the same community. If a resident starts needing help with completing activities of daily living, he or she can be transferred to a skilled nursing or assisted living facility in the same community.

Another factor to consider is whether you can afford the monthly fees that a senior housing facility charges. This is especially the case if you have a strict budget. You also need to consider the type of activities you may participate in when residing at such a facility. Choose a retirement community that has a golf course, swimming pool, tennis court or a fitness center if you want to remain physically active. You can also look out for facilities that offer planned activities such as outings.

Another factor to consider as you choose a senior housing facility is the friendliness of its staff members. Speak with some of the staff members of the facility you wish to join and gauge their willingness to meet the various needs of residents. Even though you may find it stressful to move to a retirement home, this decision can open up a new chapter that is full of new interests, friendships and experiences.

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