Chakra Jewelry Can Be A Great Way To Stay Focused On Staying In Balance

By Krystal Branch

Many people today believe keeping their chakras in balance will help them to feel better both mentally, emotionally and physically. As an aid to help them in tuning in to each of the seven chakras of the body, many people use chakra jewelry.

The philosophy surrounding chakras in the body is not new concept. Since ancient times, people have believed in these energy sources could be found through the body. They have been regarded as being key to keeping various aspects of a person in balance. Their influence is thought to be felt in all areas including a person's spiritual, emotional and physical aspects.

The word chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. Chakras are represented by discs of colors, which move through the center of the body. This line begins at the top of one's head with the crown, which is purple in color. The next chakra is the one representing the Third Eye and the color used is indigo. The throat is next and the color is blue, which is followed by a green disc for the heart. Yellow is the solar plexus located in the upper abdomen. It is represented by the color yellow. The lower abdomen follows and yellow represents it. Finally, the last chakra is the root chakra and it is represented with the color red.

Jewelry is often a way a person who believes in this concept can help in keeping their focus on the particular areas where they may need work. There are a many different types of items made from an assortment of colored stones and beads.

Many people like necklaces of beads, which repeat the colors as the encircle the person's neck. This design can also be appealing as a bracelet as well. In addition, many people may prefer a pin or pendant which reflects the color sequence in a pleasing way.

Costs for these pieces can range from inexpensive pieces to very high-priced items. While the quality and type of materials used does not influence its the chakras, many people will prefer to purchase a piece which uses better types of materials. Many times a person may find a piece handcrafted by an artisan who specializes in this type of work might be more beautiful than something mass produced.

A person will be able to find a wide assortment of necklaces, bracelets and other pieces by doing a search online. Many small boutiques where New Age, metaphysical or gemstones and crystals are sold may also have pieces. Suppliers of yoga materials often have pieces as well.

Wearing a beautiful piece of this kind of jewelry can be an ideal way for a person to focus on the various chakras in their body. This can be helpful in allowing them to remain peaceful and clam during their busy day.

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