What To Know About Solid Color Ties

By Krystal Branch

Ties, also called neckties, are long pieces of cloth that are worn around the neck or shoulders. Often times these are applied for decorative reasons. Usually they are placed to rest under the collar of a shirt and are knotted at the neck. Clip-on, bolo, zipper, ascot or bow ties, as well as cravats are variations of this accessory. Solid color ties are just one of many styles available in modern times.

Typically these are pieces worn by males. Still, nowadays it is common to see females sport ties as well. The pieces are often sold at retail stores, particularly those that carry clothing, shoes and other such accessories. They will vary in price, depending on factors such as brand, style, material and seller.

As is true of most fashion pieces, these are available in many styles. Some may feature a pattern or design, others may only consist of one color and no pattern. Some people might prefer the solid types as they are easier to pair with shirts and incorporate into many different outfits. Still, the choice of which tie to wear is often based on personal style and preference of the wearer. There is usually no right or wrong, however there may be some rules when these are worn as part of a uniform.

These accessories may be worn for casual or formal events. The material or style of the piece might dictate which setting it is best suited for. Certain jobs may require that these be worn as part of the official uniform. In such cases, it is common for a solid-colored style to be worn.

There is a long history associated with this type of neckwear. In fact, some variation of these pieces has been around since the 1600s. Of course the style, material and use of them has evolved in many ways since that time period. Still, they are largely worn today as part of a fashion statement.

They might also be used as a visual symbol. Many associate people who wear ties with those who are important or hold a higher status. This is why it is common for men and women to wear these as part of formal wear. However, these have become a more casual choice for some as well, especially because there are so many different types that can be worn.

Ties are made from many different fabrics. Some of the most commonly used materials for manufacturing these items: polyester, cashmere, wool, silk and satin. The different types may offer their own look, especially when they are solid. For instance, a solid wool tie may give more dimension and texture. Synthetic fabrics, however, are known for snagging and might look cheap after a few wears. Always consider the budget and occasion when making this kind of purchase.

Most people will invest in these, as they can go a long way if they are made well. This is especially true when it comes to solid color ties, which are arguably the most versatile of the many kinds available. These are a timeless accessory in menswear.

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