Write Your Story In Ink With Tattoos Toronto

By Judy Sullivan

Your body is the canvas at tattoos Toronto. Write your story in permanent ink. Whether you desire a discrete or demure flash tat, or a custom design, experienced artists are at your service. No longer the domain of criminals and deviants, as many women as men sport tats. Many a businessman or woman is hiding a unique and personal ink piece under that business styled shirt or blouse.

Stop by for a consultation before making a decision. This is especially important if you want an original piece of art permanently written on your skin. Ask about safety and health precautions. Ask the tattooer about his/her experience. Ask to see a portfolio of work the artist has already done.

Flash are prepared tat designs. Although sometimes disdained as generic, there are literally hundreds to choose from. They do have a historical meaning. Some of them have different meanings to different cultural groups. A heart containing the name of a loved one is a timeless favorite. Other favorites include a cross, cultural or patriotic symbols, an anchor ( represents stability), birds, butterflies, musical notes, flowers, infinity symbol, a family tree.

Memorials for a deceased loved one are a timeless favorite. Also popular today are script pieces expressing religion, faith, character traits, words of wisdom and inspiration on this strange journey of life. A recent favorite for men is a tat of the family name, usually written in Olde English script. Artistic tattooists can reproduce a realistic portrait as an ink tattoo.

Now that tats are acceptable, that ugly burn, scar, or birthmark can be hidden beneath a work of art. A specialist in cosmetic tattooing can even create nipples on a reconstructed breast. Ink can also be used as permanent make-up for the lips, eyes, and eyebrows.

Motivations for wanting a tat include beauty, art, fashion, individual expression, personal narrative, cultural affiliation, and sexual attraction. Of course some are still the result of an impulsive act, especially when under the influence. Many gangs still sport tattoos to show affiliation. But there's also corporate logos including Harley Davidson, Budweiser, Corona, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, and Ford.

An explosion of tattoo related reality shows has de-mystified the process. The NIX show (Northern Ink Xposure) comes to Toronto in June. Tattoo artists gather to display their skills and compete for artistic recognition. Stop by the NIX show to see tattoo application in process, and meet the artists.

When designing and choosing placement of your tat, keep in mind that it's permanent. Choose symbols that will have a lifelong meaning. Many a tat can easily be hidden under a blouse or shirt. Tats placed visibly on knuckles and hands are often called "job stoppers". Too much visible individual expression can cause employers to question your "team skills".

No longer confined to the shady side of town, choose from over 100 shops in the greater metropolitan area. No need to hide your visit. Tattoos Toronto are popular with college students, nurses, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women too. Even 15% of senior citizens have tats. For 18-29 year old's, that figure jumps to 38%.

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