About Healthy Frozen Vegetable Burgers

By Marissa Velazquez

Everyone is probably familiar with frozen burger patties that just need to be heated up a little bit in order to be enjoyed by those who like to eat hamburgers. Of course now that the health trend is slowly increasing, more and more people have been switching to frozen vegetable burgers instead of the usual meat patties. This way, vegans or vegetarians may actually enjoy what meat eaters are also enjoying.

Now for those who are weight conscious, veggie patties are actually better for weight loss as compared to meat patties. Veggie patties, even though processed, actually still contain less calories than the average processed hamburger patty that one may find in grocery stores. So if one enjoys eating juicy hamburgers and would want to lose weight, then try a vegan burger instead.

Of course if one is after the taste of the burger, then one will actually enjoy eating these things because of the exotic taste. Now there are so many vegetables that may be used in making these things which means more flavors to experiment with. One may even try out those patties that come in Mexican, Spanish, or Asian flavors.

Now just in case one does not know how to prepare or make these kinds of things, then here is a short guide on how to fry these things. In order to cook this with a frying pan, one has to make sure that he has a non stick pan wherein he will put it in under a medium fire. From there, he may cook the patty for around five minutes for each of the sides.

After that, get a microwave dish and place it inside the microwave in order to heat up. One should heat them up for around one minute to around two minutes before taking it out and allowing it to cool down. For those who do not have microwaves, a normal oven may be used instead.

The third option would be to use a charcoal grill in order to make the patty. This is actually the best method because it would give the burger a rather charcoal taste which is what most gourmet hamburgers in restaurants would have. To do this, one just has to put the patty on to a grill and cook the burger for around five minutes on both of the sides.

Lastly, one would now have to just add some of the extra ingredients inside and the condiments. In order to make the veggie burger taste nice, then one may add some vegetables to it like some coleslaw or tomatoes. Of course condiments may be used as well like mayonnaise, ketchup, or thousand island salad dressing.

Now if one would want to eat some frozen vegetable burgers, then one may use some of these methods to cook them. As one can see, these types of patties may actually replace the usual meat patties because it is actually much healthier. Although ground beef is good to eat, these days veggie patties will make even a greater impact on the public.

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