Lydia Sloley As A Role Model In The Society

By Amanda Bean

After being brought up in Brooklyn, NY; this lady Lydia Sloley changed the lives of many people around the region. She succeeded in touching peoples lives through her sense of belonging to the society. The driving force behind her encouragement was the salvation she received in 1982. Upon receiving salvation, she was blessed by the Lord and she became good in poetry.

Through Gods directions, she was able to bless the lives of others in a good way. She managed to change peoples live both internationally and nationally through her skills in expressing poetry. After she had completed her education, she initiated a program known as Life In Its Poetic Form. This was aired daily in the country and regions around Boston.

Lydia sloley was able to create, compose and air out most of her TV programs due to her knowledge and skills as a producer. Most of her broadcasting programs were designed to inspire, encourage and motive her audiences thereby managing to persuade them to admit the challenges of daily living.

The lady further advanced with the career to develop a certified image consultant. These skills enabled her to start the life independence seminars. These workshops encouraged individuals to adopt, cope and improve the challenges of their daily livings.

Lydia Solely further progressed with the profession to become an expert image consultant. These talents supported her to start the time freedom talks. These seminars made characters to accept, handle and improve the trials of their everyday livelihoods.

The books cover topics such as relations, inspiring insights, Deliberate Yourself Through Christ, Challenging Experiences and Accepting Our Feelings. The publications above have greatly created room for other works in progress.

This recognition has made her write many poetic books in the last five years. The books are of different topics ranging from inspirational to encouragements. These books include; relationships, inspirational insights, Knowing Yourself through Christ and Challenging Experiences and Understanding Our Emotions.

This lady is known for her legendary authorship in the entire cities such as the New York and other nations. This has made her draw attentions from all over the world an in the year 2006, she wrote a novel which the people all over the world had an opportunity to go over. This was stimulated by her passion in writings and also her love for poetry.

Other than writing the books, the lady also began a website in which she empowered and inspired most women to adopt the values and teachings of Christ. This would help them cope with the challenges of life. Lydia Sloley also downloaded some of her teachings a in her website and therefore she is a role model to many.


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