Hosting A Guest Preacher Can Cause An Expansion In Congregation Numbers

By Judy Sullivan

To celebrate special events a guest preacher may be asked to speak during a church service. The visitor will speak in place of the pastor on staff and will then be tasked with discussing topics that they have a true passion for. The staff members will make the request for a speaker a formal event that lets the speaker know a little bit about the churches needs and what message needs to be sent to the congregation.

To formalize the invitation, the pastor will call the speaker and talk about the speaking engagement. After the call has ended, both parties will make plans and certain forms are mailed to the speaker. When all facts about the visit are identified on the forms, the information can be sent to church managers for approval.

The name of each visiting clergyman will be placed on the form as well as the dates for the visit. The forms will also list the purpose of each visit such as a revival, baptism, or a sermon befitting holy occasions such as the birth of Christ, and the Resurrection. Parishioners find great comfort when words are spoken by a friend at a funeral.

The congregation is provided with an announcement about the event, and church funds are to be used to mail the notices out. A great crowd is expected to arrive, which will justify the expenses incurred and many church members will look forward to the engagement. Many churches enjoy gathering together after certain speakers have concluded for the day as a form of fellowship.

Certain spaces on the forms sent to the speaker will influence the scheduling of the event, and the speaker is given the opportunity to ask for certain things that are needed to make the event message clear to all visitors. The items could be a table or songs that would be sung by the church choir or the speaker might ask for a pitcher of water.

Before the church staff can create an announcement, certain information must be obtained from the speaker. Many forms given to an invited guest will allow room for the spouses name and any children are to be identified. The form will contain any facts that pertain to the persons educational background and any activities that pertain to spreading the Word of God to others.

Board members will discuss the engagement in great detail and due to low budget limitations, the costs that are associated with this speaking event are a primary concern. Having a special guest speak can have a dramatic impact on church funds, and all expenses will be considered before a vote is cast for approval.

When a guest preacher is in town, it is expected that the congregation will realize that the engagement is extra special, especially if the speaker is being considered for an open position at the helm of the church. Some speaking fees may be paid when the engagement is over. Based on the persons abilities, church leaders expect that the day will be remembered by all members, especially if it is released in the weekly newsletter.

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