Living The Rockstar Wife Life

By Marissa Velazquez

Living the rockstar wife life is often misconceived as glamorous and unattainable. Many people are interested to know exactly how this distinct group of wives live their lives and whether or not it compares to things they show in the movies and on television. Wealth, fame, and glamour are often placed on a pedestal, but the reality of those things is that they too are human, face problems daily and just so happen to have a little more than the average person.

To understand the lives of these rocker wives you have to first understand the lives of their husbands. Often times musicians have a very demanding schedule that requires constant travel and a great deal of absence away from their home and the people they love. The biggest temptation for musicians is the countless number of women, also referred to as groupies, that constantly throw themselves at vulnerable musicians.

The media often portrays rockstar wives as tall, blonde, bombshells with surgery enhanced body parts who were once groupies themselves. This portrayal of rocker wives is only a small segment of the population. Often times these are the kind of spouses you find on the various rocker wives reality television shows, but their lives are usually taken out of context for ratings.

The time spent apart from their rocker spouse often depends on the status of their spouse. If their rocker husband is retired and only does shows and appearances ever so often, there is less time spent apart. But, if their rocker husbands are anywhere near the peak of their career that means constant travel which can be anywhere from days to months apart from each other.

If the marriage happens to be childless, circumstances drastically change. Often times wives can be found on the road traveling with their husbands or traveling out to events, concerts, and various venues where they mix and mingle with celebrities and other wealthy people. Rocker wives have to be willing to enjoy both the perks and downfalls of a rocker marriage like the inability to schedule plans in advance due to their husbands busy lifestyle.

When there are children involoved it becomes much more difficult to uproot a family to go on tour. Children often mean there is an anchor to home for stability in school and for social reasons. This makes it a little harder to get the entire family on tour, but some rockers are willing to accommodate. Accommodations are often temporary as school and other things can draw a family back home away from the tour.

More times than not unfortunately the rockstar wife life is temporary as many of the marriages don't last long for various reasons. But, there are exceptions to the rule like Jon Bon Jovi who has been married to his high school sweetheart over 20 years.

Putting aside the glamour, events, red carpets, and fame that come with the rockstar wife life things are not always as they appear. The high profile pedestal we often place them on is often accompanied by various pitfalls like spousal absence.

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