Where To Find Australian Labradoodle Puppies

By Marissa Velazquez

It is not necessary to travel to Australia to find Australian Labradoodle puppies. They were first bred in Australia but they have since spread out to several countries. The plan behind starting this breed was to create a dog that was intelligent enough to be a service animal and had the added attraction of being hypo-allergenic. In the 1980s Wally Conran began the breeding process and eventually came up with a dog that could be a cohabitant in a home with the dog allergic husband of a blind woman who needed a guide dog.

In the thirty years that have passed this breed has spread throughout the world. Two different types of this breed have started in the USA. One breeds poodles and Labradors only and the other has taken a page from Australia's book and added a water spaniel to the breeding design. That means that when you see them advertised as Australian Labradoodles it does not mean that they are related to the original breeding stock.

If the dog you are looking for needs to be super smart and non-aggressive then this may be the one you are looking for. They have strong personalities and will try to take advantage of an owner that doesn't have strong leadership qualities. Exercise is very important for these dogs. They will become restless if cooped up for long periods. They have proven themselves to be loyal to their families and social with other people and animals.

You can find this breed of puppy in America as well as Australia. Two of their bloodlines originate in Australia and one was created in California. If you are not certain which line your puppy comes from ask the breeder. You should also ask about what and when to feed the dog once you are home.

Another question you will want to ask is if the breeder has started the housebreaking routine with your puppy. If so you will want to find out the system he is using so that you can copy it and not confuse your new puppy. Being taken from his mother will be enough trauma for him to endure.

It is important to start grooming the puppy early in his life. The sooner he gets used to the feel of the brush the better he will like it. With the lack of shedding and very thick coats they should be brushed no less than three times weekly. Twice yearly trims at the groomer for nails, ears and a trim will suffice.

The coats on these dogs will vary from litter to litter. The difference is caused by the dominant genes in the parents. The coats will range from curly to thick and wavy. Some will even have a longer flowing coat reminiscent of the spaniel coats. The size of the dogs may also vary. Poodles genes dominate here so they can be very large or very small.

Australian Labradoodle puppies are adorable as babies and grow up to be excellent family pets as well as service animals and companions. When deciding whether or not they are the right dog for you consider the size, activity level, and over all intelligence of the dog you are seeking. If you are active, dominant and smarter than the puppy it should be a good match.

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