Learning More About Abstract Watercolor Painting

By Eliza Mendoza

When you pair abstract art and watercolor painting, you get abstract watercolor painting. Abstraction aims at communicating a certain message with a language which you can see by looking at shapes, colors and physical forms. With abstraction, a design is created which is normally transparent and luminous because the pigments that are used have little fillers which make their colors to be obscured.

Basically, artists who are concerned particularly with this kind of art have an attitude that does not conform in terms of art. The main challenge they pose is giving form to personal interpretations of figures which do not have a particular form. This results to one having to think hard about the situation and what it would really mean for him or her.

The materials required to begin this process are not expensive and they can be easily acquired. You will need a variety of special paints, a piece of paper that is compatible with those paints, a pencil and paintbrushes. This piece of art also requires a good amount of time as you give deep thought to every piece. It can be done by all types of artists including seasoned and students.

Generally, anything is acceptable with this type of art. This applies for all types of arts as well but it is always advisable that you get as much information as you can about the art rather than just performing it. Shape, form, color and texture are among the visual elements of this activity. With abstraction comes removal of reality from the images found on the piece of art. The removal may be slight, partial or complete depending on what the artist wants.

This technique is normally viewed as vague and the person viewing the imagery interprets what he sees for himself and chooses what to think about it. This is regarded as fun and it is probably the main reason as to why people who do this love it so much. If you get a sketchbook paper and pencil from any art store, you can also test how deep your creativity could go.

If you were to draw a certain image such as a valley, it appears merely on a piece of paper. As soon as the paint hits the paper, it penetrates into the grooves creating an illusion. The artist has the responsibility of making that illusion to appear three dimensional.

Once that is done, the image then appears more real than it was. However this skill requires that one practices a lot so as to also improve and sharpen the skills more. One could also attend classes and this could be done through the internet or visiting art stores where you can have one on one lessons with an experts. You could also buy recorded DVDs which contain the necessary information required to improve your skills in drawing.

Abstract watercolor painting can be used to relieve stress from the mind. Some thought and feelings may pile up in the mind and they could lead to stress especially if they are not let out. An individual can let such feelings out by just drawing what he feels as this will act as a form of letting the feelings out.

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