How To Become A Skilled Architectural Photographer

By Judy Sullivan

An architectural photographer is the one who knows the beauty of buildings and architectures. This is their hobby and way of living, after all. They should be the ones who knows how to capture the amazing beauty of the said structures. To those who are into this, they have to know how to be able to capture good pictures.

Buildings and towers make good subjects for most photographers. They find it an art to indulge themselves in this kind of photography. They can easily capture the beauty of these buildings or towers, regardless of whether they are amateurs or not, if they know the basic rules to this. Here are some of the things they need to know.

Focal length. It is only normal for people to decide on the focal length they will use for their subject, regardless of whether it is this kind of photography or any other kind of photography. In this photography, the person should consider moving closer or farther from their subject if they do not have focal lenses.

Stabilizing their own camera is a priority. They should always make sure that they steadily hold their camera when they are snapping a great shot. If they are not steady, the picture will end up being blurred or not in the right position. If not confident about the ability to stay steady, then make use of a good tripod when taking the shot.

The ISO will have to be adjusted as well. Since the person already picked a tripod and used it, then the next thing to do is to decide on the ISO level to use in the shots. This is the part where one has to decide on the amount of light to get into the camera. Better lower the ISO so that one can minimize noise.

The person should feel free to close the aperture of the camera, especially when the camera is already mounted on a tripod. Better shoot using a smaller aperture because this will minimize any lens errors. Having a wider aperture might be good for getting an artistic effect but it will be another matter in this type of photography.

The converging lines are important elements of the picture. If the person is pursuing any other kind of photography, they will aim to keep the vertical lines as vertical as possible. In this kind of photography, they should know that this is not desirable or possible at all times. They have to follow the convention for converging lines with this.

The position of the camera should be decided as well. In most times, people will want to have a wide angle lens when taking a photograph of a building because it promotes a dramatic effect. This is fine but it is better if the person simply chooses a longer focal length for bringing objects closer together. Move further away too.

Taking a picture of public buildings and architectures should be a given right to people. Whether one is an architectural photographer or not, they should be able to take a good picture of their subject. If they are reprimanded for doing so, they should stand up for their right.

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