The Secret Of Why Men Love Wild, Crazy, Sensual Temporary Tattoos On Women

By Lily Rose

Every person is sexy and fashionable in his or her own way. One of the sexiest recent fashion trends is the temporary tattoo.

Sexy men think that adventurous women are sexy. A woman who wears sexy temporary tattoos and changes them to match her sensual mood is definitely adventurous.

Sexy women are embellishing their clothing or intimate lingerie with just the right temporary tattoo to achieve the perfect look. Any woman can be sexier, dramatic, cheeky, daring, romantic or downright trampy with the right temporary tattoo...and it's temporary...just for a night or a few days. What a blast to be able to change your look with your mood!

Often it's not the tattoo that is so sexy, but rather where the woman wears the tattoo. Both men and women can put temporary tattoos in places where their lover will go wild when they find them.

Here are some of the sexiest places a woman can place her tattoo to drive her man wild:

The back of the neck: The nape of the neck is an alluring region of the female's entire body. There's no denying the appealing charm of this area.

The lower back: The center of the lower back is an exceptional location to wear a tattoo. Men find tattoos in this area especially enticing.

The hips: The hips are so sexy that it hardly requires any explanation. Hips possess a unique feminine curve. This area is now even more popular for tattoos than the lower back.

Ankle: The woman's ankle is a suggestive area and makes the curves of the leg and looks excellent with a pair of strappy sandals or heels.

The thigh: The thigh is an exceptionally sexy area of a woman's body for a tattoo. Thigh tattoos have become very popular lately since designers started showing tattoo jewelry on this area during major fashion shows.

The private areas: Another unconventional tattoo placement option that's appealing, fascinating and simple to tattoo is just under the bikini line. Any secret area that only shows during intimate occasions is a real turn-on. Both men and women can put their temporary tattoo in a place where their lover will go wild.

You can find a large variety of sexy temporary tattoo designs at online shops. Many stores that carry clothing and accessories will also carry temporary tattoos. So be daring and try it very soon...your guy will absolutely love you for it!

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